No action taken on RMA#5381

I have an RMA open since May of last year 2019. Devices were sent for replacement, but I never receive any. Tried multiple times to get in touch with the person helping me, I stopped getting replies. I am disappointed in how there is no action being taken on this old RMA replacement. Posting this in the forum is due to me unable to get in touch with anyone at the company. Can I get this resolved please?

@deeann @jacob please can you look into this

Hi Tazmir,

I apologize for the extremely long delay on this RMA. I’ve tracked down what happened with the RMA. To put it bluntly this RMA was handed over to a technician who is no longer with the company and the RMA was lost.

I’m looking into ways to rectify the situation, but this is further complicated by the fact that these modules have been discontinued so supplies for replacements are very limited. We are working on a new version of the Web-i, but it isn’t expected to be available until late April.

I’m in contact with our production team to get an estimate of remaining stock on these items and the possibility of replacing the RMA. I should know more tomorrow.

Thank you for your quick response and diligence, I had an idea that probably that person left the company. I will wait for you reply. Thank you again for your response.


Can you confirm the SKU of the module’s you sent in for RMA #5381?

Or let me know the SKU of the boards that these modules will be going in to.

There are two main versions of the Web-i. The Web-i which is for ProXR/ProXR Lite and the Web-i-F which is for Fusion boards.

Sorry Jacob for a late response, I missed the notification email. Module we have are the Web-i-Fusion.