NEXTGEN WIFI module Issues on Setup / Configuration

Hello, I received my NEXTGEN wifi 20amp relay board yesterday and have been trying to get it configured. It looks to enter into configuration mode and then it crashes and sometimes will show a solid blue light or a faint solid red color then go back to flashing green. Its very random on how long it will stay in configuration mode. Every now and then it will stay connected long enough to get to the configuration page but will crash as I hit the save button to the configuration. However nothing saves. I have tried to factory reset without luck. Is this thing toast? Thanks


Could you post a photo of the relay board without the WiFi module installed? You’ll have to pull the module out of the board. I just want to make sure the correct voltage regulator is installed in the board.


Did you purchase that relay controller with the optional WiFi module or did you already have the relay board and then you purchased the WiFi module later? I ask because the WiFi module draws additional power which requires an upgraded power regulator your relay board does not currently have which more than likely is causing the issue.

I would recommend sending the relay board and module in for RMA stating on the RMA form that the 3.3VDC regulator on the board needs to be upgraded. You can fill out the RMA form here:

I bought it from RelayPro’s as a complete unit board with Wifi. Should I return to them or are you affiliated with that company?

Relay Pros is a distributor of our products. It sounds like they had old stock of that board and did not realize the upgraded power regulator was required for the NexGen WiFi module.

Please complete the RMA form I linked to previously noting the 3.3VDC regulator needs to be upgraded. You can enter 55555 as the Online Order Number.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

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