New Wireless Sensors for Industrial IoT

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Hi Trey,

The product line looks very good and I am happy to see that NCD is progressing with Node-Red.

I currently have several xbee modules and the usb adapters. Will the nodes work with these as well?

I also saw in the picture of the NCD nodes one for the current modules. I was just looking to see if I could set this up in node-red to monitor the loading of my fifth wheel RV when it is powered by my generator (also when powered by shore power). Where could I find the rest of the nodes shown in the picture?

Do you intend to add these nodes to the Node-Red library? Node-Red Library

Thanks for the information, I am finally retired now and hope to get time to play with some of the toys that I have purchased over the last several years.


First off, yes, as long as you have the S3B XBee modules they will work with these sensors (I’m unsure if any other models will).

I am actively working on several packages at the moment, you can see a full list here:

All of the wireless sensors are controlled through the same node type, as you can see in this article:

I’m about halfway done with the wireless library, I’ll be putting out examples for each of the completed sensor types over the course of the next week while I wait for my next batch of boards.

The current monitor package is the newest one, and has the least testing so far, so I’m hoping we can get some feedback on that while I finish up the wireless package.

I will be adding them all to the Node-RED library, I’ve been trying to wait a little bit to do some more testing, and hopefully get some more feedback from users so I don’t open up buggy nodes for people to stumble across, but most of the feedback thus far has been pretty positive, and I hope to get the existing nodes in the library in June. In the meantime you can add them through npm. While doing my testing I came across the npm search command which has been really handy for me when testing different platforms and versions:

npm i $(npm search --parseable ncd-red | cut -f 1)

That command run in the ~/.node-red directory will install all of our existing node-red packages.

Also, in case it is of interest, all of these packages can be used without Node-RED just like a normal nodeJS package, most of them have a test.js file that should give an idea of the basic usage.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Trey Felton

Thanks Trey I will let you know how it works out.