New web site / product pricing

When I ordered the 8-channel relay controler for i2c (part PR1-13) 5 weeks ago on 12/7 the price was $58.95. Now the price is showing as $84.95, a roughly 45% price increase! Could you please advise if the new pricing is correct and if so why the price increase on this particular product? (the other products I ordered show the same pricing).

We rarely make price adjustments, but in this case it was necessary to revise pricing of select products to more accurately reflect current component and labor costs. The revised pricing is necessary for us to continue to stay in business. Please let us know if you have more questions.

I suspect there is something amiss - I just opened one of the received products and it is NOT the product listed above - product received has I2c out and 36pin headers on each side of that connector.

We need to obtain the correct part quickly.

board printed with: MCP23008 PER8G5LE REV A.

I would also like to point out there is a bug in the referenced python MCP23008 driver - if you command the relay low it toggles. eg if relay is off and I issue relay off, it turns on.

the one you have is a IOT version.
If you want to use with raspberry pi, you can use this one

if you want the same one you have right now


The problem is we ordered the version you recommend for raspberry pi and received the IOT version. If I order the rpi version overnight delivery - how can I be confident you won’t ship the IOT verison???

Are you going to correct the mistake regarding my original order?

Order #287025 (January 18, 2018)
Product Quantity Price
8-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Controller with I2C Interface
• Relay Amperage:
10 Amp SPDT
• Pluggable Connectors:
No Pluggable Connectors 2 $169.90
I2C Cable - 6 inch (152mm) 2 $1.90
I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi 3 & Pi2 with Outward Facing I2C Port 3 $35.85
I2C Cable - 6 inch (152mm) 3 $2.85
Subtotal: $210.50
Shipping: $33.58 via 2nd Day Air (UPS)
Add On Discounts: -$4.75
Payment method: Amex
Total: $239.33

Looks like he was possibly shipped the wrong board. I’d suggest shipping him an SI adapter. I think that would be the quickest and simplest solution.

IoT board with SI adapter is same as I2C board, some time when we are low on i2c boards we replace with IOT board with the SI adapter.


Ah I see. So we shipped an IOT board with SI adapter. @rmason5721 an IOT interface board with the SI adapter installed is literally the exact same thing as an I2C board from a firmware/functionality stand point. Only difference is physical size of the board and orientation of the I2C ports.

If we run out of stock of an I2C interface board our production department will sometimes ship IOT boards with SI adapters so the customer does not have to wait an extended period for the new boards to arrive. I assume that is what happened in this case.

No adapters listed on the order and none received. You cannot sub this board for the other part because the physical dimensions and mounting hole patterns do NOT match.

apologies, it was an error from our side. Generally we substitute only after talking to the user.
For replacement contact
Will be shipped asap.

All - appreciate the quick feedback, I emailed Orders@ 1.5 hours ago and haven’t received any response - we urgently need the correct parts ASAP.