New IoT Mega Modem - Setup Mode

I just received the IoT Mega Modem and am trying to put it in setup mode. Currently, there is no flashing light, it stays a solid blue. The configuration instructions do not state how to put it in setup mode. Is it the red button on the interior on the board? If so, do you push it, hold for a certain amount of time?


Hi Kurt,

No, the Mega Modem does not support TLS connections to MQTT brokers, it only supports Basic Authentication(Username/Password). If that is your intention then you would be better off with the MQTT Gateway here:

We also have gateways specifically designed for some cloud services such as Azure, AWS IoT Core, and Losant. If you plan on using one of those cloud platforms then the specific gateways for them would be preferable to the MQTT Gateway.

We do have a 30 day return policy so you can return the Mega modem and exchange it for a Gateway.

Just for your information the Mega modem was really designed to be a modem for local software connected over USB, TCP, or Bluetooth. We thew some basic support for MQTT in there as well since we had the room but we did not have the room to support fully fledged TLS as that is resource intensive, a dedicated gateway is required for that.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Thanks, Travis,

First and foremost, thank you for the rapid responses. It does sound like what I’m trying to accomplish below. Also, based on the below diagram, would the Amp meter clamp go around a typical 240 volt cord? If so, I may end up ordering one of those.


A little background… I’m an architect for Hitachi focusing on IIoT for larger manufactures designed for machine learning and general analytics. I am working on a small PoC to determine if your sensors have the capability in terms of range, stability, sensor KPI’s, and secure MQTT transmission, all with a rapid setup. There are quite a few projects that could really use this technology. I will also be planning on doing some writeups and share my experiences in hopes it can drive both our technologies forward.

On my return can they exchange for the MQTT Micro Gateway? I filled in the return form.

Ship your package to one of the following addresses:


ATTN: RMA 5457

430 Market St.

Osceola MO 64776



Can anyone tell me how to put the IoT Mega Modem in setup mode? I am going to buy it.