New and can't seem to find what I need (too many options :))

I am looking for a USB (com interface) that will allow me to control at least 3 relays, 1 input, and 4 outputs. Any suggestions and thanks?

Edit: forgot 3 analog inputs preferably 12 bits
Edit 2: Well since I haven’t used they maybe I better be clearer. I need three PID controllers. So 3 of the output need to be PWN. Maybe I read wrong, but I thought PWM was a standard option.

I will recommend following products

  1. USB to I2C converter
  2. 4 channel relay controller
  3. 4 channel ADC
  4. PWM output


Thanks Bhaskar,

I am looking for one product to do all these things. Not sure it exists; which is why I am asking to community.