New 900HP-S3B - non functioning unit!

Hello we just received our 900-HP wireless XBee and the recieving unit power light comes on for only a second before fading. We believe we have received a bad unit! We have an application that we were hoping to test over the weekend and deploy next week in the field. Any help would be appreciated!


I’m sorry to hear that, if you wouldn’t mind filling out the form here we can get this handled ASAP.



Before returning the product can you tell me what product you have? We sell many products that use the 900HP-S3B module. Perhaps we can troubleshoot it. If you can provide a part number, photo, or order number I can give you some troubleshooting tips.

Hello Travis,

The order number was 289125. We have also noticed during testing today, that the unit gets extremely hot even though there is no power LED

If the heat is coming from the XBee wireless module or from a copper wire on the bottom of the board then the boards definitely need to come in for repair as the wireless module is dead. Please follow Trey’s link above to return the boards for repair.

Thanks. I have filled out the form and am waiting for a response back.