Need Schematic for R41DPDTCNRS relay board

Did a search of the forum and website and can’t find what I need. I need a schematic for your R41DPDTCNRS relay board. I have everything I need but can’t find the relay terminal block pinouts. It’s two 12 pin stacked blocks

You can find the schematic at:

or under the resources tab of the product at:

Let me know if you need any clarification.

Thank you Jacob for the information, had trouble finding it through the website. Just a little clarification, there are no ref designators silk screened on the relay footprints, should I assume LED K1 corresponds to relay 0 on the terminal block? K1=0, K2=1, etc…

Yes, K1 will represent Relay 0 (the first relay) and K2 will represent Relay 1 (the second relay) etc.