Need replacement part for PROXR ADC


I own several ZADR810DPDTPROXR boards
unfortunately, due to a wiring mistake, 3 have now had the ADC overvoltaged and damaged
They no longer measure voltages properly on one or more channels, relays still ok
I have no spares

How do I get a replacement PIC… the device in the socket that performs the measurement?
Need 4 ASAP


Hi Jeff,
A recovery kit is available, but we do not keep it live on our site all the time.
I have temporarily reactivated the product at the link below:

Hello, there is a ProXR Repair Kit for ZADR. It is designed to measure the output voltages (3.3V-5V) of the assembly board. The PIC on the PROXR is in the defective board. He wants to have 20 of this kit from you. It shouldn’t be.