Need 500 mA current for DCA

Yesterday I received my One Channel 0-10V DAC I2C Digital To Analog Converter and I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi. In a matter of an hour, I had everything up and running. It was really straightforward. I hooked up a multimeter and watched the voltage change as my python program ran. Very satisfying to get that part to work.

However, it turns out that the proportional solenoid valve I’m trying to control is not responding because the current is insufficient. I should have known this. My measurements show no more than 90 mA coming from the DCA out. What I need is 200 to 500 mA. What is the easiest way for me to achieve that goal? Can I leverage the DCA I currently have and somehow add an amplifier? Or is there a ready-made board that will do what i need? The pi is limited to 5V, so it seems to me that an amp will be necessary.

DACs are typically used for signal level control, not direct load control.

For what you are describing a more typical control device would be PWM rather than DAC. For that I would recommend something more like this device:

I would first confirm that PWM can be used to control the proportional Solenoid valve you are using.

The board already has an opamp; you must add a buffer to deliver high current.
Like this one
If you need 10 PCs or more, we can build a all in one solution.

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That would be ideal, to have you produce a bundled solution. We will definitely require more than 10 pieces. What do I need to do to get that process started?


I considered PWM, but the valve requires analog current. Thanks for the link.