NCDMIRWR15 one of the transmitters isn't communicating

We bought 14 sets of your NCDMIRWR15 and 1 of the transmitters is not talking to it’s receiver. These were ordered 3 transmitters to 1 receiver. Both the transmitter and receiver have the power light lit and the light on the transmitter next to it is flashing ever 3 seconds. When I close the contact, the other LED that was lighting on the other transmitters is not lighting on this one.


Do the other two transmitters work with the receiver and only one transmitter does not work? Trying to determine if the problem is the transmitter or the receiver.

Yes, the other two transmitters were working. They are on their way to the customer now.

Did you already ship the receiver board as well? We will need to know the Address printed on the bottom of the Wireless module installed in that board. The top part of the address will be 0013A200, the address printed directly below that will be unique and we will need to know it in order to get the 3rd transmitter setup and working.

No, it is right here. The address is 4178E574.

OK. Do you have a ZUSB module like this:

That module would allow you to connect the non working transmitter board to your computer for configuration.

No, I do not have one of those. I will order one now. Will that connect to the board or to the xbee device?

It will connect to the board. If you wanted to connect the XBee module to your computer you would need a Zigmo here:

Sometimes it is necessary to update settings in the XBee modules. If you plan on using these types of products in the future a Zigmo is a good thing to have around just in case.

Those devices should come in today.

On another set, I was testing them here at my desk. 2 of the 3 transmitters are working but the red LED that lights when you close the contact isn’t lighting. I hear the relay click on the receiver board and see it’s light light up. The last transmitter isn’t lighting that LED either but the receiver isn’t doing anything either. Does powering the transmitter without an antenna damage the board? I did that by accident on the last board and now with an antenna connected, it isn’t working.

I have the Zigmo and Zusb. What next?

hello? I need some help

If you have the zigmo for configuring your new modules here is what I would recommend.

Pull the module(one that we provided) out of one of the boards and plug it into the zigmo. Now open the X-CTU software here:

Connect to the board using XCTU(make sure baud rate is set to 115200), then click the Gear icon to view that module’s settings. Click the profile Icon and save the settings out of that module. Close that module on the left panel and install one of your new modules, click the module + icon, set baud rate to 9600, then click the gear icon to open it’s settings. Now you should be able to load the settings you saved from our module using the profile icon and then save that to the new module.