NCD5500 won't update firmware

I have been trying to setup my new NCD5500 ethernet board with 2 relays but have been running into a few hiccups. I followed Bhaskar’s guide for setting up the web interface but have run into an error when trying to update the firmware from 1.0 to 1.3. Every time I try to update the firmware it tells me to “Please select the right firmware file!”. I have unzipped the file I downloaded from the github link that Bhaskar’s guide linked to and pointed the configuration tool included in the zip file to NCD5500-Files-master\NCD5500-Files-master\firmware\ncd5500.bin .
Any help to get this moving in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


does the module has web-i written on it ?
if it does then it has the latest firmware.

We had two ethernet module. one for regular TCP/IP and one for controlling relays using a webpage.

Now we have only one ethernet module and it can be used either ways.

Yes on the ethernet port it has FW:ncdwebi labeled on it with a sticker. If it has the latest firmware and I uploaded the html file 2_Relay.html web interface found in the html folder of the zip file to it I should be able to control the relays from the web interface correct?

Yes, you can control relays using the web ui. ( make sure the module is set as web-i in the ui)

There was some confusion here on my end.
The unit does not have relays. The led’s are labeled that way but are actually indicators of the inputs. The board is for push notification on the inputs.
Now with the other firmware 2_Relay.html uploaded into it will likely need to be set back to original. Can these files be downloaded

You can use the ncd5500 utility and set the module to use as TCP server.
the web ui wont interfere. the web ui will only interfere if its set to be used as web-i