NCD5500 Webi becomes unresponsive

Good afternoon. I have been testing a NCD5500 Webi 48 relay system. I am unable to log into the web interface after several days of being on. During this time I can still ping the ip interface, but when I browse to the Web interface I get an error message. Even the NCD550 Config tool will not communicate with the device during this time. If I reboot power, however, everything comes back just fine. So, I either have to find out why the web interface seemingly goes to sleep over time or I need to have the system reboot itself every 24 hours or so.

If the NCD5500 Config tool cannot communicate with the device then it’s not just an issue with the web interface. Are you certain that the IP address you are pinging is actually the board? If the NCD5500 Ethernet module is in DHCP mode then the DHCP IP lease might have expired and that IP has been assigned to another device.

Yes, I am sure I am pinging the correct device. IP is statically assigned and I can unplug the Ethernet cable out of the controller and the replies stop.

I don’t have time to troubleshoot this issue. My current work around is to use a separate digital timer which will reboot the board at midnight every night. $15 on Amazon. I really miss the Lantronix XPort Pro.

Sorry, I know this is an old thread… Are you still rebooting the ncd5500 every night, or did you find a better solution? I have the same problem.

Yes. Still rebooting. But doing with a cheap Amazon timer late at night. Apparently it’s still working. I shipped everything off to our Austin location and they say everything is good.