NCD5500 Firmware

I have purchased a number of MIRCC1_ETHERNET 1-Channel push notification modules with the NCD5500 Ethernet modules and I am having trouble with one of them. I can set the IP address using the NCD Config Tool, but I cannot connect to it using NCD Base or Comm Operator Pal. The device type is listed as NCDWEBIV2 and the firmware version is 1.1. I noticed that some of the latest modules that I have ordered have a firmware version 2.1 so I attempted to update the firmware using NCD ConfigTool V2 and NCD5500 V2.bin. The firmware successfully downloads and the firmware is then listed as version 2.1 in the NCD Config Tool. I can then connect to it using NCD Base and Comm Operator Pal, but if I perform a factory reset or standard reset, the firmware reverts back to version 1.1. Am I missing something?

Hi Tom,

Can you make sure you’ve downloaded the latest firmware and NCD Config tool?

There was a new firmware that just finished testing and released today. I also restructured the Github Repo to make it more clear which file to use.

The latest firmware for the Rev 2.0 hardware can be found: ncd_Ethernet/HRev2_NCD5500_Latest.bin at main · ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet · GitHub

The latest version of the NCD Config Tool can be found at: ncd_Ethernet/NCD ConfigTool V2.exe at main · ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet · GitHub

Same results using the latest firmware and Config Tool V2. The firmware will update and indicate that the firmware version is now 2.2, but as soon as I do a reset or factory reset it reverts back to firmware version 1.1.

Hi Tom,

I have not seen this issue before. I would have to recommend an RMA as it sounds like it could be an issue with the Ethernet module itself.

You can find the RMA form at: NCD Login -

Ok thanks. Should I just return the NCD5500 module or both the NCD5500 and the MIRCC1_ETHERNET board?

I believe just the ethernet module should be enough. Nothing on the Mirror board could really introduce this issue.