NCD Sensors library

Hi, i found NCD Sensor library ( ). I read that these sensors use Digimesh, and because i don’t have NCD i try to use my Xbee’s, that also use Digimesh firmware, but i receive the error from the photo. Is this error appears because i don’t use the right sensors, or the reason is else?

Please any help? I receive the next error in node-red. “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘digi’ of undefined” 4.05.2020 г., 14:56:39node: 73f69770.0d27e8msg : error “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘gateway’ of null”

I follow this video steps


Generally this is an indication of failure to communicate to the modem. Are you using a USB Modem or an Ethernet Modem?

The problem is that i don’t have NCD sensors, i use Xbee, but node-red don’t have library that can allow me to obtain data from wireless sensors. And since NCD sensors use the digimesh firmware (like my xbee’s) i try to use them in order to achieve my goal. Can this ‘‘replacement’’ work out, or can anyone help me with some other example how to achieve my goal?

Hi Martin,

The Node-Red library we provide is specifically designed to interact with our sensors. There is a section of code that pertains to communicating over Digi-Mesh for packing and unpacking data. You’d need to extend our ncd-red-comm node module to use it for any other purpose. ncd-red-comm has a digi-parser under /lib/NcdDigiParser.js, but it is not full featured and we’ve only tested it in relation to our sensors.

Ok. So is there any library, or library + function for Xbee’s that can do the same work as NCD library?

Hi Martin,

Not using API Mode. A standard serial node should work for the modules if they were configured for AT mode.

Were can i find this digi-parser under /lib/NcdDigiParser.js ?

Hi, what could be nature of the problem? Is it because NCD uses only 900HP-S3B Industrial Wireless Mesh? And can we use different rf modules with ncd library?