Ncd-red-comm not functioning properly?

Is the ncd-red-comm node supposed to install automatically when you install ADS1115?
I seem to be having troubles. I can load ncd-red-ads1115 directly using the pallet manager, but ncd-red-comm is not there. When trying to configure the interface there is no drop down to select i2c as an interface. If I manually install ncd-red-comm then I can select i2c bus or USB Bus. When selecting I2c bus in comm type there is no selection in the I2C bus.

In the past I thought the ncd-red-comm was installed during the installation of ADS1115?


I’ve had success in the past with this, with several instances deployed. Not sure what, if anything, has changed.

Started with completely new install of raspian and having the same issue. The Comm Type is there but the I2c bus is not populating.

Still looking for ideas on how to resolve this. Thanks.

It appears to be something with the latest version of Node-Red. Forcing an install of a different node-red node got the bus working.

npm install
will install the latest version and fix the bus.