NCD Micro Gateway Max Device Count

Hello Everyone, I’m new to this community.

I was looking for wireless CO2 sensors and found NCD products. I have a question with regards to the maximum number of remote devices a Gateway can connect to. We need to install 40 or so CO2 sensors, and we are planning on having them talking to the NCD Micro Gateway (MQTT) and then sending the data to our cloud MQTT broker. While reading the description of the gateway I found this:

“In Run mode (daily use), the NCD Micro Gateway will work with as many IoT sensors as memory will allow (estimated to be greater than 20, but we did not set a hard limit).”

It mentions “greater than 20” but does not give an exact number, would 40~50 sensors be ok on one Gateway? if not, can we have two gateways working together? would there be any issues with end device configuration if there are more than one?


  1. Yes, you can use two gateways in one area. Sensor will send data to near by gateway
  2. I will recommend looking into ncd edge computer. it can supports hundreds sensors


Hello Bhaskar,

Thank you for the quick answer.

If we go for the two gateway option, is it possible to restrict to which gateway each sensor talks? I think this will make it easier for the coding on our side. Could this be done by using different encryption keys?

I will investigate the Edge computer option on the side.


Hi Ezequiel,

Yes, the network ID parameter can be set in the Gateway and the sensor wireless interface modules. This Network ID parameter can be used to isolate the two gateways and associated sensors into 2 separate networks. Think of the Network ID parameter as being similar to a WiFi SSID.