NCD Component library

Hi there,
Not a great programmer, (just try to learn) and wondering if it is there are more Examples like one posted on “NCD Component Library ProXR Quick Start Guide”?
It said that there are 40 examples, and I was able to open them in VB, but there is no “instructions” neither I am able to “Debug” them?
If opened from the “Toolbar” they appears as done to test, or if opened from VB they appears as a code without instructions for beginners.

Maybe I am asking too much, but just like to be sure that I am not missing something?
Thank you


Someone else may have better insights as I’m not familiar with Visual Studios, but there is a guide to using the component library at: NCD Component Library Quick Start Guide -

Thank you Jacob,
I find that one, but my question is, if there is more instructions like that, for other samples?

Hi Jacob,

Is this the latest component library? I need to write a c# program to communicate with the etherenet module for an 8 channel relay and I want to make sure I’ve got the latest components before I get too deep into it. Thanks.