NCD Base unable to communicate with ZADR8xPROXR via Lantronix


My company is incorporating these devices into some of our products, and I’ve just received my first development instance in order to adapt our software. Before getting into any code, I want to demonstrate control of the relays manually.

From what I can tell (the documentation seems to be spread around a bit) I need to let this acquire an IP address via DHCP and then connect to that address using NCD Base. The first part seems to work - using Wireshark I can see it doing a DHCP request and being assigned an address, and pinging that address gets a response. However, I never see it appear in “Discovered Network Devices” in NCD Base, and if I specify the address in the “Network” section and then click OK, the resulting window says “Device Identification Failed”.

What now?

Ok, so I’m still not sure what was originally wrong, but after following the NCD reset instructions I’ve been able to get things working. Stand down for now…

Ok. Let us know if you have any other trouble.