NCD Absolute Gauge and Pressure Sensor 0-1000 or 0-5000

For the Absolute Gauge and Pressure Sensor, if the lid indicates 0-1000, but the probe is capable of 0-5000, what will be the range of the overall unit?

Does the unit need to be re-flashed if a different head with a different pressure rating is equipped?

Providing photo. Our tech sent this and was wondering about using it on an application at 2500. We may have misordered, or not understood that some were only for specific ranges:

Hey Kyle,

Are you saying the labeling on the PSI probe itself is 0-5000 PSI? I think there are 0-1000 PSI probes and 0-5000 PSI probes but perhaps @Anil_Bhaskar will correct me on that.

This order might have two kinds of sensors.
1000PSI and 5000PSI.
The sensor box which has 1000psi sticker should be used with 1000psi sensor and the same goes for 5000psi.

There is a command to set PSI range as well if needed.