Multiple micro gateway comm issues

I have installed multiple PR55-21 MQTT gateways and it appears the sensors are switching between the gateways.
I started out with one gateway (80 mill) and had multiple sensors everthing was fine. Then i installed a sensor behind HHT and only had 25% signal (1000 ft away) and i would lose transmissions periodically. So i installed a second gateway a few hundred feet away from the HHT.

When i look at my data, esp. signal strength, from the sensor i see oscillation from 100% to 25%.
So to confirm sensor was jumping between gateways i powered down the first gateway.

How do i keep my sensors from jumping between gateways?
Why would the sensor jump from 100% connection to a 25% connection?

Can we get MQTT tags from the gateway to show status?
I would like to know which nodes are connected and status of the gateways overall health.


Hi Mel,
The gateway also acts as repeater. so looks like something data is getting repeated through the 2nd gateway ( in that case you might be getting 100% SS) and sometime it might be directly going to the gateway ( 25%).
here is a video which might help understanding how digimesh works


so im looking at the USB modems you have on NCD website,…

Which one should i get?

Hi Scott,

If you want the USB modem to act as a repeater you will want the Industrial IoT wireless to USB modem. The Zigmo coordinator you are looking at comes with the same Wireless module installed, however it’s configuration does not match that of the IoT Long Range Wireless(Enterprise) series. If you have experience configuring modules through X-CTU and feel comfortable doing so then you can use the Zigmo, just know you will need to make some configuration changes.

usb modem