MQTT Wireless Gateway - New setup stuck in config mode


We are performing a 1st time setup with the MQTT Wireless gateway. Using the following instructions here:

One the device is in configuration mode, I can see the network and enter the password. All other items are left blank for defaults. When saving the page, the LED flashes yellow (reboot?) then immediately goes back into configuration mode (blinking blue).

There were some very helpful suggestions here on the forums in regards to passwords with no special characters. We have shorted the password 11 letters/numbers, and no symbols. No success.

I used the upgrade firmware to flash the latest firmware over USB with success but no change in status. Device continues to go immediately back into configuration mode after inputting the wireless configuration.

I’ve tried Firefox on a Fedora 34 laptop, Chrome via an Android phone, neither of which are any success. The wireless network is 2.4GHz using WPA2-PSK. Our networking team doesn’t seem to indicate that they can even see the gateway attempting to connect to the targeted wireless network.

I’m running out of items to try and test. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

The MQTT Gateway will boot into configuration mode if network credentials are not entered or if MQTT credentials are not entered. If you did not enter MQTT broker credentials then that is why it is booting into Config mode.

Hey Travis,

Thanks for the response. So part of the requirement to get the Gateway on the wireless is the configuration for the wireless network AND the MQTT Broker? Both conditions must be satisficed?

I was just trying to get it on the wireless, and worry about that later. However it sounds like that is the source of my issue is only doing 1 part of it.

Am I on the right track with this?



Yes, you must enter the MQTT credentials. If no MQTT credentials are entered then the Gateway will force back into configuration mode. We do this since this is an MQTT Gateway and without MQTT Broker credentials the device cannot function.

Thank you Travis! I will try this on Monday and update here.

Thank you Travis - this was the fix!

Once I had the wireless configure + the MQTT Broker configuration, it exited setup and successfully landed in the wireless network.

Thanks for the help!