MQTT WIFI Micro Gateway (Wifi Module Failure)

We recently received several gateways. During setup, we are facing an issue that after the initial configuration on the web page. The LED is green for 5 seconds before starting to single-flash red.

Looking at the datasheet a single flash of red shows “Error Communicating with Wireless Module”

This seems to be random as some gateways work fine, and other have this issue.

How many gateways are you seeing this issue on? I could see possibly 1 wireless module having issues but multiple with the issues seems unlikely.

Can you send a top down photo of the gateways with this issue with the lid removed?

If you try pulling the XBee wireless module from a working gateway and install it in a non working gateway does it resolve the issue?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis, We are seeing this on 3 out of 10 gateways. Swapping a working module with the 3 problem units fixed the issue.

Can you Private Message me your shipping address and we will ship out 3 replacement modules. If you could please ship back the 3 non working modules at your earliest convenience. We can probably recover them and we are experiencing a shortage on these 900 mhz modules.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

I hate to be that guy. I don’t see a way to private message you. Can you please message me and I’ll be happy to provide that info.