Motion Sensor Not Responsive

Hey folks,

I have successfully connected an NCD Motion Detection Sensor to my Micro MQTT Gateway, however when I try triggering the sensor by passing things over it or past it, nothing happens. It transmits an initial message when it connects or is reset but that’s it.

Any thoughts? Is there some initial configuration I need to do? Not sure why it’s unresponsive.


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the sensor has an inbuilt trigger threshold. it counts number of pulses and then fires an int which sends a message.
the reason behind doing that is reducing any false triggers. which sometime even could be caused by change in light in the area or bird flying by.

the default counter value is 10. once it detects 10 movements in a row it will trigger the int. when you slide your hand over the sensor you very well could be generating few int.
try this
slide your hand for a few time and you will get a message.

The counter threshold value is user configurable. You can change it according to your requirement or you can choose to disable it all together.

Ahh, that is very helpful context thank you @Anil_Bhaskar!

I have tried waving my hand directly over the sensor dozens of times though, in close proximity, and it still does not respond beyond the initial message.

does it send the periodic message ?
what is the interval set to ?

It only transmits when reset; the interval is set to 10.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica can you share instruction for setting interval to like 30sec for this test

This document explains how to change settings in the sensors using the MQTT Gateway:

Change the delay field to 30 and the sensor will report every 30 seconds.


@andrasm Put the sensor in config mode via Travis’ instructions and set the update interval to 30 and post your results back here.

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@TravisE_NCD_Technica @Anil_Bhaskar the sensor is transmitting consistently now, thanks!

My plan was to use this sensor to distinguish when boards pass underneath it on an assembly line, but I would need to make the sensor transmit basically every second to accurately capture each board wouldn’t I?

if that’s the case, I was wondering what other sensor solution NCD might have for effectively capturing this sort of data, maybe something with a laser?


I have used this sensor in past with a push notification and counter product. In my test case i was counting the objects passing between the sensor ( like on a conveyer belt). this works really well.
i prefer using this with a counter instead with a push notification.

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Thanks for the recommendation @Anil_Bhaskar, I’ll take a look at that sensor.

@Anil_Bhaskar are you aware if this sensor is compatible with the wifi micro gateway at this point in time? I think it checks all the boxes otherwise.

Yes, it is supported in micro gateway

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