Monitor ac current to a 22ov water pump 7.5hp

Any recomendation? For monitoring AC current to a water pump which is 220V and 7.5HP?
For detecting when the water pump start and end, and for detecting if the water pump increase its AC current due to some damage


What kind of connectivity do you need?

I would recommend either a wifi or long range wireless product.

Long Range Wireless:

WiFi: with an ESP32 module:

Thanks a lot!

Just one question. Is it possible to trigger an alert (SMS, Whatsapp, etc) when the current limit is over the limit?

Its possible, we don’t have any code samples on how to do this though.

This will probably be easier with a Particle Photon module as opposed to an ESP32 for WiFi.

If the long range wireless is preferred there are many many nodes out there for sending emails and connecting to just about every service API so I would recommend Node-Red.

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