Module for controlling 4 outputs of 5v with AnyI2C

Which module do you recommend for controlling 5v output? Need 4 outputs of 5v , controlled by AnyI2C Software


This board has 4 0-5VDC DACs. If you have any questions please let us know.

Hi Have connected with AnyI2C via USB, however no voltage output reading, do I need to add external 5V. Which pins? A, Grnd, B only present

A,B,C,D,grnd pinouts, guessing their all outputs for 5v
Do I need an external 5v supply, anyi2c sends the bytes okay, however, not reading anything on the pins. The software describes the pinouts for this module differently. Says to connect 5v between pins a and b , read the wiper. Those pins don’t exist on my module ad5696

Do I need to co connect an i2c pot module?

This appears to be a node link device? So how do I connect USB anyi2c?


Can you provide a photo of your current setup?

Ad(696 module connected to PR33-17 USB module, connected to USB windows 10 running anyi2c software

Problem seems to be with the software, cannot san the device and connect properly. AnyI2c Software on windows 10 64 bit, visual Studio 2019.

@Anil_Bhaskar or @ryan1 would either of you mind taking a look at this setup?

When I compile Anyi2c for 64 bit windows, I get an an error NCDEnterprise.dll reference dll cannot be found. Does not occur when prefer 32 bit compile is enabled. Do I need to compile a new NCDEnterprise.dll for 64 bit? Don’t have this project. I don’t believe 32 bit will work with my 64 bit system?

Problem solved, there were a couple of coding errors sending bytes, now voltage is output and updated. Not sure why the connected device will not show in the scan window? This problem persists, slows down the comms.

Some of the code in your dll libraries is recursive, damaging the software, changed the code, now good.

Great! I’m sorry I can’t be much help. I do not use the Anyi2c software as I work on other platforms here. I apologize I was not able to get any of the developers who use Anyi2c pulled into the conversation. If you have any other questions please let us know.