Modifying Device Sampling Interval Using the Micro Gateway Amazon AWS

Hello, the order number is 506714. We specifically ordered the AWS Gateway and I can confirm the order details also lists AWS Gateway x 4.

It sounds like this issue was resolved. If you have any other questions in the future please let us know. I will let our production staff know about the incorrect firmware being loaded into the Gateway.

Hi Travis, actually the issue is not resolved from my perspective.

While we are able to flash the correct firmware ourselves, the misconfiguration is causing us delays in completing the order for our client. Added to that, we have now discovered that one of the AWS gateways is having issues. We called earlier and was told to swap the wireless module from another gateway and it worked, and we were told that the programming on the wireless module is incorrect. Who should I contact to get all these production issues resolved?

Did you find you had a USB modem? If so this can be corrected on your site. If not please let me know and we can ship out a replacement Wireless module you can install in the Gateway.

Thank you,

Hi Travis, we do not have a USB modem on our end unfortunately.

We can ship a replacement Wireless Digi module to install in the Gateway in that case. Please send me a private message with the address you would like this module shipped to and we will get it shipped out to you right away.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott