Modem re-flash to gateway?

I have a couple NCD Modems that I shouldn’t have purchased - I really need a gateway.
Is it possible to re-flash the NCD Modem to acts as an MQTT Gateway?

My goal is to be able to use the NCD Modems as a gateway to Ubidots.

you can flash the gateway firmware


@Anil_Bhaskar Right, but what I have is a modem not a gateway. Do you know if I can indeed flash the Modem to become a Gateway?

when you say modem you mean mega modem ?

@Bhaskar Yep, the mega modem.

You should be able to flash gateway firmware in that.

Hi everyone,
Just writing to confirm that I have successfully flashed my Mega Modems to become MQTT Gateways.
Thank you @Anil_Bhaskar !