Hello Team,
The MIRXR8x’s ready light is steady on and the busy light is a constant fast blink . The MIRXR8x input LED’s do not come on when the input(s) is triggered (dry contact), neither i hear any relay energizing. Any ideas?
I’m try both a straight and cross Cat5e cable between the 2 MirXR8x.


It sounds like you’re using the network version of the MirX series boards. These boards are required to be used on a network with a router with DHCP addressing enabled.

They cannot be used through direct connection.

If you are instead using the Direct Wired version of the MirX series and just using a cat5 to carry the signal then can you send a photo of the communication wiring between the device?

Hi Jacob,
is it possible to assign static IP ? actually i am using a network switch in between but DHCP is disable due to other networked devices requirements.

Good morning Jacob,
Any updates ? on how to assign static IP on MirXR8x