MIRXR8x Configuration

Hello, I have an MIRXR8x Rev. A pair of relay boards that communicates via Ethernet (looks like a Lantronix XPortPro module). Apparently, this device used to communicate to a central cloud server run by the manufacturer at some point but has since been discontinued? No one remembers how this device was originally configured. The other board is IP routable from this board’s location, but is on a different subnet. Does anyone know where I can find the configuration software or if this can be set to communicate with the other board fix a static IP? Does this need to be on the same subnet to communicate (or need multicast / broadcast support)?


The Internet server is no longer in service. So the devices will need to communicate locally on the network.

One device sends out a UDP broadcast( on port 13001, the other listens for that broadcast and then will establish a TCP socket connection to the device that sent the broadcast over port 2101 if I remember correctly. If they are on different subnets you will need to open these ports up or setup port routing/forwarding.

Thank you, Travis!

It does say “simple configuration” in the product page. Would you happen to know how the configuration is done? I see it has a telnet port open. Would you know the default credentials?

You can pair the devices using the NCD Base Station software available here:

Make sure your computer and the boards are on the same network.
Open that software, then click the More Button at the top right corner. In the expanded area click on MCNET/MXNET configuration. Follow instructions on the following window.