I have an application where I need to mount one of the relays of a MIRXR2X_KIT inside a brick building with a plywood & shingle roof and the other 500’ away outside of the building on a hill in a weather proof enclosure. Should the (2) wireless relays be able to communicate in this situation.


Hi Tim,

Honestly it’s nearly impossible to say for sure. My general response is that we have a 30 day return policy for full refund or 60 days for exchange so I’d recommend trying it out. My gut feeling is that they will work but you may have to reposition the antennas to a more optimal position(up high) so you might want to get a couple of these cables as well(they let you mount the antenna remotely from the boards):

Thank you Tim,
Travis Elliott


If I order today ups next day air when should I receive the following?

(1) RP-SMA Male/Female Antenna Extension Cable - 9M
(1) RP-SMA Male/Female Antenna Extension Cable - 1M
(1) Wireless Contact Closure Transmitter Receiver 2-Channel SPDT Relays 2-Way
(1) 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Regulated Switcher Supply
(1) 2.1mm 6’ Wire Cable Assembly


We installed these and they worked well for about 4 moths. The site we installed them at had a storm over the weekend and the power supply to one of them no has no power output. To check the relay it was connected to we used a 12V battery. It powered up the relay but it would not connect to the other relay. We killed power to both and then repowered but they still didn’t connect. We then took the relay that had the bad power supply in the same room with the other relay and it still wouldn’t connect. Do you think whatever got the power supply damaged the relay also? Do you have any suggestions?