MIRXR1X_KIT Can I Add Another Receiver?


I purchased an MIRXR1X Kit and used it in a project for a client. The wireless switch pair work perfectly. The setup controls a signal siren from a time clock in the main building and a second siren in another building more than a 1,000 feet away. The main building MIRXR1 acts as the source (transmitter) and the out building unit acts as the receiver.

Now the client wants to add another siren, in another building, which is triggered by the same source; i.e. the time clock. Of course, I wish they had mentioned this at the beginning and I would have purchased a multiple channel solution. But no, it’s now weeks after everything has been installed and working.

My question is: Can I order another MIRXR which is tuned to the same frequency as the original pair? Or am I stuck with just the matched one-to-one pair?

Thank you,
Metasoft Inc.

Hi Rich,

Unfortunately multiple device targeting with MirX series boards is a bit unpredictable due to the two way control.

If it was a MirC (one way transmitter to receiver) this would be possible, but the status on the LED would act a bit strangely as its monitoring the status of two relays.

Realistically I would say adding a new pair is going to be your best bet.

Thanks for the quick reply, Jacob.
I understand and kind of thought that would be the case.