Mirxr15 not working after range testing

I have a a mirxr15 kit that worked fine while range testing and for about a couple days in their final locations (outdoors but in an enclosure). Went back to do final checks before commissioning the system and noticed they were no longer communicating. Both units have a solid ready light but the busy light does not flash. Tried moving the units from 500’ apart to 10’ and still not getting a busy light in smart or beacon mode. Tried changing antennas on both as a just in case but no luck. Are there any test points to diagnose or is it just need to be replaced?

I recommend checking the copper wire soldered to the bottom of the board for excessive heat. That wire acts as a heat sink for the 3.3VDC regulator that powers the wireless module. If that wire is excessively hot(burns your finger to touch it) then the wireless module is damaged and needs to be replaced.

If you do not notice excessive heat coming from that wire then it could just be a bad connection between the wireless module and the board. Pull the Blue XBee wireless module out of the board and look at the pins on the bottom of the module. There are two rows of riser pins plugged on there which lift the module higher off the board. I have seen these make bad connection many times. Pull those riser pins off the bottom of the module so the brass pins of the module are exposed. Now you will install the wireless module back into the board without those riser pins, but make sure the metal pan on the bottom of the wireless module does not come in contact with the short 5 pin header row on the board as that will cause a short. You can put a piece of electrical tape on the metal pan of the module, or just be careful not to press it all the way down into the board.

Let me know what you find.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

In my 70F kitchen, on one board the copper bar is at 109F with 3.302vdc between pins 1 and 10 on the xbee board and the other at 107F with 3.292vdc. I have removed the risers and still have no comms. The units are sitting 6 inches from each other.

the minimum distance between these radio( due to high power rf signal) has to be 5 feet.


Moved and still no connections.

The last thing I would check is that the antennas are fully seated on the wireless module of both boards. If that does not resolve the issue and you are supplying a regulated 12VDC power supply to both boards then you are more than welcome to send them in for warranty repair. You can fill out an RMA to return them for repair here:

More info on our Warranty policy here: