MIRW relay state programming

I need to change the way the relay state is when activated. Default is toggle on/off. I need it to stay on for the duration that the transmitter is seeing an activated state on it’s switch input. I assume this can easily be done hopefully. I do also have the zUSB communications module, just no software.

All programming is in the transmitter board. Pull the wireless module out of it and install the ZUSB module in it’s place. Now connect it to a windows computer via USB. Download and install this software:

Open the Base Station software, then click the COM port drop down box and select the USB to Serial device there. Make sure baud is set to 115200 and click OK down below.
The next window will have the MirW Configuration menu, that will open the configuration screen for the board where you can enter commands. Commands for operating the relay controller can be found in this guide:

If you have any questions on this please let me know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott