MirW 8 Channel Poin to Point

Our application is to remote a dry contact from (8) separate locations in an open building no greater than 500’ to a single 8 channel receiver.

We were looking at the MirW Contact Closure Multi-Point to Point 8-Channel solution.


Is this the best product choice for our application?

Is there an enclosure for the 1 channel transmitters?

Is there an enclosure for the 8 channel receiver?

PCBA dimension for the 8 channel receiver (LxWxH)

PCBA dimension for the 1 channel transmitter (LxWxH)


Yes, I would recommend that product with 8 1 channel input transmitters(Optional when purchasing the 8 channel MirW Product).

We do not offer enclosures for the 1 channel transmitters or the 8 channel MirW receiver at this time. I recommend a generic electronics enclosure from a third party supplier such as www.polycase.com or www.hammondmfg.com

Unfortunately MirW was developed in our previous PCB CAD design software and we transitioned to new PCB CAD software before mechanical drawings could be produced for the MirW receivers. The transmitter is identical to the board on the left here:

I will try to get manual measurements of an 8 channel MirW receiver for you.