MirPro Pair Transmitter Output Fluctuating

We have an issue with a MirPro pair we’re looking to use for a temperature probe.

I have the units wired up on the bench at the moment and although we have a steady mA input on the receiver terminals the mA output from the transmitter is dropping down to zero and recovering every few seconds.
Seems to do above for a few minutes then it goes steady for a few minutes then it goes back to dropping every few seconds.

The receiver is powered using the supplied power supply and the temperature probe has a 4-20mA head mounted transmitter (Endress) powered from the receiver built in 16v supply, mA signal at this end is steady when the transmitter end is fluctuating.

Any thoughts?


Can you provide a screen shot of the settings in the web UI in both the input board and the output board? Specifically I’m looking for the transmit interval on the input board and the timeout on the receiver.

I typically recommend a transmit interval on the input board of 1000 and a timeout on the output board of about 10000.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

I can’t at the moment I’m afraid.

I’m in Scotland, 5 hours ahead of you and we stop work early on a Friday so I’m at home.

We haven’t altered any settings on the web UI but I’ll have a look at the times on Monday and get back to you.

Thanks for your reply, have a good weekend.


Sounds good Ewen. Let me know what you find when you are able to take a look.

Hi Travis,

I set the transmit interval to 1000 and timeout to 10000 as you suggested this morning.

I had to remove the units from their housings as the Config button access holes hadn’t been drilled in the housings.

Worked fine on the bench but the guys installed it on site again and we now have what appears to be low signal strength issues, red LED flashing three times.

The strange thing is when I was on site last week looking at this we had 2 or 3 green flashes.

Could reducing the transmit interval to 1000 be causing an issue with band width or something?

We don’t need a very frequent update for this signal anyway, it’s only for a river temperature, so should I set the transmit interval back to 3000 and increase the time out to 30000 or something like that?

Both were set to 3000 initially.