MirPro output trouble

I have an MP44-20_Set that the transmitter appears to be faulty. The receiver is hooked to 2 Yokogawa pressure transmitters, both at 0 PSI. When I connect to the device via Wi-Fi my outputs are 3.97/4.01 mA.

When I go to the transmitter side and connect, I see the 3.97/4.01 mA but my actual outputs are 6.98/30.21 mA. I have tried to calibrate, and nothing happens or changes on my measured outputs. I have moved through all four channels and had similar results on the measured outputs.

Am I missing something in the output calibration? The product manual does not go into much detail for the calibration or troubleshooting.

I am providing external loop power for the transmitter/output device.

Are you providing external loop power for the sensors connected to the inputs? If so you should not be. Just wanted to confirm that.

I test and calibrate the inputs and outputs on both units prior to shipping so you should not need to calibrate anything. They are calibrated to .01mA accuracy.

I am not external powered for the sensors.

The transmitter says it’s at 3.97/4.01, but measured output is not even close. I’ve tried 2 loop calibrators and 2 Flukes. It makes no difference.

When I apply pressure on the devices, the range goes up on both ends as expected and equally, but measured output is wrong.

Hi Ryan,

If you put the 4-20mA output unit into configuration mode(flashing Blue LED), then connect over WiFi and open the web interface to the board you will see fields where you can enter a value for calibrating.

You need to measure the output of channel 1, then enter that value into output 1 calibration field and click calibrate. The output should change based on that calibration. It’s pretty straight forward.

I brought both units in from the field and set up on bench. I have an Altek 334A on receiver set in 2 wire simulator, and another 334A with power supply looped in set to read.

Upon initial setup at 4mA the receiver read 1.6 mA, I then recalibrated it to 4. In configuration mode the receiver and transmitter input/output track each other perfectly 4/12/20 mA. The problem is the actual measured output is nowhere close. It starts at 6.98 with 4 applied, goes to 20 at 12 applied and 30 with 20 applied on all 4 channels. I have tried to recalibrate channel 1 and it goes to 30 mA and stays.

I understand its straightforward, I want to know how to correct it or that it needs to be replaced.