MirPro MP44-20_SET Not Functioning

I am attempting to get a MirPro MP44-20_SET 4-20mA wireless bridge to function on my test bench. I have connected a 2.2kOhm resistor on channel 1 of the receiver and a 2.2kOhm resistor on channel 1 of the transmitter. Both units are being powered from a ~15VDC linear benchtop supply. The status lights on both units are flashing 5 green flashes, indicating a strong wireless link between the devices. The voltage across the 2.2k resistor on the receiver is ~15VDC, corresponding to the supply voltage and about 6.8mA. I do not see any voltage across the 2.2k resistor on the transmitter. Am I doing something wrong here, or is there a configuration step that I’m missing? Thanks in advance!

on the transmitter side do you have loop supply ?
can you share a rough diagram of your setup.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The diagram is very simple, just 2.2k ohm resistors across the receiver input loop and the transmitter output loop, channel 1 on both devices.

I do not have a loop supply on the transmitter. Maybe this is the problem? Thanks!

yes, the loop supply will be needed.

the receiver has on board loop supply but the transmitter doesnt.

Thank you, I assumed it had a supply. It’s working properly now, thanks for the rapid response.