MIRMR25 contact closure

I have a new MIRMR25 with 2 remote locations and one of the remote receiver boards wont communicate with the transmitter. One board worked, the other didn’t, so we switched board locations and the problem followed the one specific board. We also tried placing the suspect board in beacon mode and still didn’t seem to be getting a signal. The ready light does come on, but we don’t see anything on the busy light. We believe it is a problem with the receiver board. Is there anything else we can try for troubleshooting or get a replacement board?

The printed numbers on the XBee are 920 682 for all locations.



There’s really not a lot to troubleshoot on those modules.

If the receivers are more than 15 feet away from the transmitter and each other and the devices still aren’t responding after waiting one minute after bootup then I would recommend an RMA: https://ncd.io/contact-us/product-returns/

You would need to return the entire kit to us for troubleshooting and reconfiguration.

I just assembled a Wireless Contact Closure Remote SPDT Relay Controller 1-Channel 1-Way and am Not getting a busy light. The power/Status lights are both on and tried both Beacon and Smart modes. Is there some test to check where I messed up?

Hi Greg, please make sure both units are powered up with an antenna installed. Make sure there is a minimum of 15 feet between the controllers. Make sure the Ready lights are lit on both controllers. If the communication modules have been removed for any reason, make sure they are installed in the correct direction and properly seated (feel free to attach a photo). Wait up to 30 seconds for communication to initiate (usually much less). Last, connect a wire between the two terminals on the contact closure input of the transmitter. You should see LED activity and remote switching. Let me know if problems persist.