MIRCRx1 & MIRCC1 pair auto discovery

In a simple 2 device network with only these devices, it takes a LONG time for these devices to discover each other, I actually gave up waiting after many minutes. I expect this is because of the vast amount of addess in the zero-config addess range. It takes long enough on a network with a DHCP server (several minutes).

Is there a way I can just set a couple of static IP’s on these devices and be done with it? I tried accessing them using Telnet but was stopped at the username and password.

Another thing that could cause problems for us is the fact many transition events can be buffered in the MIRCC1 anytime the MIRCRx1 is not responding, then upon re-connection these are sent in rapid succession. Anyway of stopping this?


Static IP address assignment is not possible on MCNET products. They discover each other through UDP broadcast. It should not take that long for the devices to connect, generally the only time it requires an extended period for them to connect is if the connection is over internet.

Do the boards pair eventually or they never connect?

No they do NOT eventually connect with they are simply connected end-2-end. I’ve had them connected this way for several days now. Only when they are connected to a network serving IP addresses do they connect and even that takes quite a few minutes. So I’m guessing they are trying to use the 169.254.x.x APIPA “Zero Config” addressing. Are the UDP broadcast addresses set the same for each when running in this mode?

Any chance we can get into the Lantronix Module or is this setting stuck in the read-only file system on the device? Are you using the base Lantronix XPort-Pro OS or is it highly customized?

I originally selected these products from the promise that they would work end-2-end, which I guess they do, but only on a network that serves DHCP (which this won’t have without lots of further complications). This restriction was not made clear.


Yes, a DHCP server on the network is mandatory for this product. If you need a solution for a non managed network then we can put something together for you, but our MCNET products absolutely require a DHCP server on the network.

How long have you had the boards? We might be able to do an exchange under our 60 day exchange policy.

Travis, is there a way you can contact me directly? (jstewart@******.com). I think you might be able to provide me an acceptable solution and am willing go through extra effort on my side to make it happen.


If you’d like to have a private conversation then the best way to do that is on our ticket system here:
It essentially works like email.