MirCR2x_MCNET_KIT not working

Have both units plugged in with static addresses. I can get in to both units and have setup one as the server and the other as the client. I can see in the interface that there is transmit and recieve packets. If we hit the button that is connected to one side we can see it switch like expected however on the other end nothing happens. What could be the issue and how should i trouble shoot further? I think i have the connection setup correctly.


Can you send over a screencap of the settings you have configured in the Ethernet modules?

Can you see both of the boards using the NCD Config Tool: ncd_Ethernet/NCD ConfigTool V2.exe at main · ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet · GitHub

What is the firmware version of the Ethernet modules you’re using? You can update to the latest version using the instructions at: GitHub - ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet


Yes I can see both boards in the NCD config tool. Firmware is 2.1

Firmware has now been updated to latest

Hi Eric,

Can you double check that the default gateway of your network is You can check by opening the command line and typing ipconfig

Check the gateway in the settings on your PC, it should match what is on the modules. Most gateways will end in a .1

Also can you post the settings for the other Ethernet module?

oops did not mean to post one twice. Attached is the correct capture. Yes the gateway is .254

Hi @ericdered

I don’t see much other than the client board has the Bind Local Port option checked. You might try unchecking that. Otherwise everything looks fine. These are really simple devices. One acts as a TCP server and the other acts as a TCP client, so unless there is something between them preventing connectivity(firewalls perhaps) they should connect and work.

No firewalls goes through two switches thats it.

Can you try a different network like perhaps your home router? Just to confirm the hardware itself is good?