MIRCR!x - PR60-13 Difficulty wiring


First time using this wireless device to trigger a siren/strobe combo in conjunction with an alarm system. First question, I’m told that the R1 lights on the boards should only light up when there is a trigger, is this correct; If so, any ideas as far as what could be causing this issue? The R1 lights are constantly on, on both local and remote boards. Any help is appreciated and valued!

If the R1 Light is on then that means the relay is on which should only happen if the input is closed on the transmitter. If you power off the receiver and power it back on does the relay immediately click on?

Yes. The relay light stays on at all times on both the local and remote units. My parent company is in the process of sending replacements in case these ones are bad, I just wanted to see if we were on the right track…

Yeah. The R1 LED should only be on if the input on the transmitter is closed. I would disconnect anything currently connected to the transmitter input to see if that makes a difference.

Also the Busy/Ready LEDs on both boards should be flashing indicating the units have valid communication with each other. Let us know what you find.