MIRCC2 Scan Channel Widget/Email issue

Having trouble configuring an MIRCC2_ETHERNET push notification over IP unit. I am using the recommended N button Pro software, the device has been discovered by the software, the correct IP and MAC address shows up, however I am unable to get the scan channel widget to function, I am also unable to send emails.

I have been able to communicate with the board. The board’s IP address shows up in device manager, the Ethernet module lights are also lit. The correct manufacturer and board type are selected. The scan channel widget is red and not grayed out. I have push buttons connected to both inputs 1 and 2, however the widget remains red when buttons are activated. Even if I use a wire and short the inputs it still does not work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Have you done any configuration to the Ethernet module in the board? If not please open this software and send screen shots of the basic and advanced settings currently set in the module:

This is the full user guide for the Ethernet interface module:

N-Button was not developed by NCD. It was developed by www.serialporttool.com. I am not sure what type of connection it utilizes to receive information from the board, but the Ethernet module will need to be configured properly to facilitate the connection to N-Button.

I have attached the screen shots of the present configuration
Screen Shots.pdf (621.3 KB)


Your settings appear correct.

Can you try closing N-Button, then connect to the board using the NCD Base Station software here:

Use the AD8 command set to read the input status and let me know what you find.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hello Travis,
Thanks for your support. I was able to resolve the issues after downloading and installing the latest version of the N Button Lite software from serialporttool.com.

Thanks Again,

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Great. Let us know if you need anything else.