Mircc2 not talking to Mircr2x - Xbee modem problem?

We are an industrial metal recycling yard with a remote scale house. We have a MIRCC2 board on a 3 way toggle switch that controls red and green traffic lights. The remote building uses a MIRCR2X with two relays.

The scale house complained of the lights not working for some time. I found the remote building CR2X unplugged. I plugged in and the busy led was active. The lights momentarily worked and then became unresponsive. The toggle at the office seems sticky and hard to actuate. I tried shorting contacts but this didn’t help.

Going back to the remote building, the busy led was not active anymore, neither was the office building CC2. I attempted unplugging and plugging back in. The Xbee Pro S3B modem on the remote building controller CR2X was super hot.

I am attempting to diagnose if one or both Xbee modems are bad or if one of the CR boards are bad. Any recommendations or diagnostic steps I should take to rule out the problem?

The office and remote building are within 500 feet of each other. The CR2X is located on floor two in the opposite side of the building in a corner room. The remote switch previously worked in this configuration.

Hi @patn0011

The XBee module being extremely hot indicates damage to the voltage regulator on the board. You will need to send the pair of boards back here for repair. You can fill out an RMA here:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you Travis. Should I send in both the MirCC2 and MirCR2X with the Xbee modems so that you can confirm they talk as well? I want to make sure everything is operating as intended.

Travis - I don’t know our order number to send these boards back for repair, we’ve had them for a number of years. Are you able to provide me with a # for the web submission for repair?

Just enter 444444 as the order number.

Please include both boards so we can test them as a pair prior to returning them.