MIRCC1 - User Defined Message

How do I setup the User Defined message for the MIRCC1_USB or _SERIAL. I have loaded NCD Base but can’t see where to set this up?


There are 8 user configurable bytes in the transmission packet which you can configure in Base Station. See page 12 of the manual here:


The document below looks like it on configures the User Definable Transmitted Bytes on a unit that has Network Access.
How can I set these bytes (only have 1 relay)? Even if it is a serial command to send it to ‘burn’ it into the chip.

We have a barcode printer that is looking for a signal after a PLC closes the dry contact. I only need 1 byte with a CR LF to be sent to the printer. This has to be consistent. With what is being sent, I can look for the EOT and blow everything else away, but I would like to be able to change this to work like one of our other boards.