MirC response time

Purchased two(MirC) wireless contact closure remote SPDT relay controller 8-channel 1-way. Ligature says that when the controllers lose comm. relay turn off can take from 10-30 secounds. Can this be shortened or boards be made that turn off in 2 or 3 seconds. Jim

Hi Jim,

Yes, we can do this on special request.

During checkout watch for the Order Notes field. Write, “Please see Ryan, shorten coms loss timeout to turn relays off on receiver to 2-3 seconds”.

Now one thing to keep in mind is if the boards have “spotty” wireless communication this can cause some relay fluttering if the input is held closed and some packets don’t make it across the wireless signal.

Morning Travis, My first time using wireless. I put the transmitter and receiver broads in poly-carbonate NEMA 4x enclosures. I wanted the enclosures for there weather integrity. They came with a an internal powder coating for EMI compliance. The enclosures are only 30 ft from each other but not truly in sight. They have lost comm only 3 times in a month and regained comm in less than 5 seconds. I then sanded the powder coating off the face of the enclosure covers and have order extension cables to get the antennas to see each other. I think that will eliminate my comm loss. My customer just want insurance. Regards

Sounds good. Please let us know if you need anything else.

I just purchased a single channel MirC contact closure. I bought the device to allow us to use an autoStart feature for our speedskating timing system. I has a 900MHz long range XBee-Pro Comms module. The distance is up to 500 ft with clear line of sight. In testing I noticed a delayed response from transmit to receive. I note there are two modes (Auto/Beacon). I could not find documentation that points out which setting is which mode. I am assuming the A side is for Auto. If I run in setting B and will this limit the chance of delayed response?

Hello Travis I have the same issue. We are using MIRC8 to operate a hoist and trolley.
I already have the radios with me. Receiver to emitter distance is less than 12m. We are using the standard antennas.
Once we start the crane both radios are energized at almost the same time. Normally the operator sends some instructions to the crane using the buttons. These are kept in memory by the emitter and delivered to the receiver once they get comunicated. Is there a way to stop the emitter sending instructions that are kept for mor than 1 sec?
This generated undesired montions of the crane that are dangerous.
Is there a way to change these times?


No, at this time that is not possible. We do not recommend the use of MirC devices for controlling devices that could potentially cause harm to users. This is probably not the right product for controlling your device. We do offer a 30 day return policy for refund or within 60 days for exchange.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott