MirC over a VPN

Hi, I need to trigger a remote relay from one site to another. I understand that this can’t be done over the internet, but would it be possible over a VPN, to simulate them being on the same network?

Hi Carl,

The devices communicate over a TCP socket. One device works as a TCP server, the other works as a TCP client. Using a VPN it should be possible. You can even do it over the internet, however the router on the Server device site will need to be setup to port forward the incoming connection from the remote client to the server device’s local IP address. Due to the complexity of this setup and every user’s Network/Router being unique we typically do not provide in depth technical support for this use case which is why we say the products are for LAN only.

Thank you Carl,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis, I just saw a new notice on the website that states:

This Device no-longer communicates over the internet due to changes in technology.
Please contact us for a internet connected solution if required

What can I use over the internet?