Mir radio troubleshooting

I have several Mir products in use in the field. So far they have worked well.

Yesterday one of my MirX pairs quit communicating. They have been in operation since the beginning of the year. The ready light is solid on both ends. I can’t get the busy light or relay light to do anything on either end. I tried power cycling, cycling inputs, moving the beacon jumper, swapping xbee radios with others, visual inspection of the antenna and cable (I have yagis on these). Do you have any suggestions or is there a troubleshooting guide published somewhere?

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To troubleshoot bring both units to a bench approximately 5 ft apart. Power them up and let them sit for approximately 60 seconds. See if the Busy LED flashes on the units and if they work properly. If they do then it was simply a range issue.

If they do not communicate on the bench 5 ft apart after 60 seconds then look at the bottom fo the boards. If the boards are Blue then you will see a copper wire on the bottom. Carefully inspect this copper wire for heat. It acts as a heatsink for the regulator that powers the wireless module. If the wire burns your finger to the touch then the units need to come back for RMA. If they are only slightly warm then move to the next step.

If the wire on the bottom of the board does not burn to the touch then turn the board back over and power down the boards. You will see a Blue wireless module installed on top, it is a rectangle with two corners clipped off at a 45 degree angle. Pull this module out of the board and look at the bottom of it. You will find two rows of 10 pin headers. On those headers you will find riser pins, pull those 10 pin strips off the bottom of the module. Now take a look back at the main board. You will see the socket it plugs into(2 rows of 10 pin sockets). Inside these two rows you will find a short row of pins, it is important when installing the wireless module back in the board that the metal pan on the bottom does not contact that short row of pins. I just recommend not pressing the module all the way down or use a piece of electrical tape to insulate the bottom of the module from making contact. Do this for both boards and test again. If the units still do not communicate then please return the devices for RMA.

Our RMA form can be found here:
After completing the form you will receive an email with an RMA ID # and instructions on returning the pair of boards. Be sure to ship both boards from the pair in so they can be paired together prior to return.

If you have any other questions pleas let us know.

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Travis Elliott

Couldn’t get them to work on the bench.

These have black boards; any different suggestions for these before I submit for RMA?

I would say RMA will be the next step. I’m assuming one of the wireless modules is dead. You can complete the RMA form here: