Mir C relay set (ethernet)

I have purchased a MIR C relay set the 8 channel ethernet set. Now our IT security team has not yet approved its use for our network? Any advice or help needed fast. I need help getting this approval any suggestions.

Does this pose any type security risk for our network?

I see no reason these devices would pose a security threat to the network.

The devices do not establish outbound connections to remote end points.
One device acts as a TCP server while the second acts as a TCP client.
The Server device only accepts 1 connection from the mating device.

For this reason there should not be any concern of security threats on these devices. If your network admin has any specific questions we will be happy to answer them.

one other quick question so I just go to the network rj45 plug in reciever and give the input it finds its mate and turns on relay also plugged in same network? So I don`t need to give ip addresses or program these. Sorry first time user. So i went to drop with 2 rj45 ports to network one is port 34 other port 35 plug up eithernet cables to each power 12vdc to each they find each other turn on relay per the input. Ground to input 1 turns on relay 1.