Mini module comes with or without Hall sensor? Decision support

I am planning to measure the turns of a DC brushed motor and would like to buy a Hall sensor with a mini module. The motor has the following characteristics:
12V DC / 3300rpm / Tmax 1,8Nm / 4 brush.
A disc magnet S-03-02-N is to be fixed eccentrically to the front face of the motor shaft using magnetic force. The sensor should be glued to the housing. I have the following questions for you:

  1. on the pictures in the ncd.Store I can only see the mini module. Is the Hall sensor included in the delivery or do I have to buy it separately? Do you offer the sensor separately?
  2. you offer sensitivities from 0,5mv/G to 9mv/G? Which sensitivity do you recommend for my application.
  3. is it also possible to measure speed with the sensor?
  4. will the Hall sensor be damaged by superglue?

Thank you very much for your support! :grinning: